Science I, II & Symposium I Programme


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Roger Penlington University of Sheffield Welcome and Programme Overview
Russell Hand University of Sheffield Self sensing using glass fibres in composite materials
K. Kuwada Okayama University Preparation and characterisation of optical waveguides of Er3+ doped tellurite glasses by field assisted Ag+ Na+ ion exchange
R. Klement Joint Glass Centre of the IIC SAS, TnU AD, FChPT STU and RONA, a.s Preparation and characterisation of Nd3+, Er3+ singly-doped and Er3+/Yb3+ codoped low silica yttrium aluminosilicate glasses
Corinne Claireaux Unité mixte CNRS/Saint-Gobain, UMR 125 Atomic mobility in silicate glasses and melts
Ali Sharafat Linnaeus University Oxynitride glasses
Tom Farmer Bristol University Structural studies of rare earth doped BaTi2O5 glasses using neutron diffraction and EXAFS
Glyn Cobourne University of Kent The structure of amorphous calcium carbonate
M. Mniemne Queen Mary University of London A time resolved 31P MAS NMR study of a novel bioactive glass
Jodie Smith University of Kent Changes in structure of calcium phosphate with addition of aluminium
Symposium I Heraeus - Glassblower; Zeiss; Mettler Toledo; Panalytical; Zwick; Radir/Raytek Abstracts awaited
COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE (can be served anytime during the afternoon session as this is a demonstration session)
Symposium I Heraeus - Glassblower; Zeiss; Mettler Toledo; Panalytical; Zwick; Raytech Abstracts awaited