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Emma R Barney University of Nottingham The structural role of chalcogens S, Se and Te in As2Ch3 glasses
Jana Holubova University of Pardubice Thermoanalytical properties and structure of As-Sb-CH glassy systems
Jesus Gonzalez Rodrigues University of Sheffield Evolution of the mechanical properties of the tin and air sides of float glass as a function of hydration time
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Oliver G. Alderman University of Warwick High lead oxide glass structure
Rudi Winter University of Aberystwyth Growing ceramic films from gels
Gin Jose University of Leeds Nucleation inhibited complex glass formation by implantation of multiple ions in silica
Adrian Barnes University of Bristol Vitrification, nucleation and crystallization of high melting temperature oxide liquids studied by aerodynamic levitation and laser heating methods
Robert Hill Queen Mary University of London Oxyfluoride glass ceramics
Delia Brauer Friedrich-Schiller Universitat Zinc-containing bioactive glasses: dissolution and apatite formation
Sara Depierre 1CEA, DEN, LCLT Borosilicate glass alteration in acidic and basic conditions with various calcium contents
V. Soltesz VUEZ, Hviezdoslavova 35 Corrosion of 75QN glass fibres in borate water solution
Mrs Aurélie Tournie Laboratoire de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Paris Effect of divalent cations and chloride salts on the dissolution of silicate glasses
Keita Kanenishi Graduate School of Environmental Science Surface crystallisation behaviour and non linear optical property of bismuth zinc borate glasses
James Stevens University of Sheffield Understanding the effects of refractory spinel phases on HLW glass processing
Mohd Zul Hilmi Mayzan University of Sheffield Glass Composites Prepared by Microwave Heating for the Immobilisation of Irradiated Graphite Waste
Owen McGann University of Sheffield The development of glass compositions for the vitrification of ion exchange resin wastes
Kohei Omura Okayama University Distribution behaviour of inorganic constituents in municipal waste slag due to phase separation of vitrified slag
D. Zh. Mukimov National Research University The structure and vitrification process of arsenic chalcogenide As50Se50